Twelve Upon a Time: The Baker’s Dozen Edition

So, we are live.

Kindle Cover

The book is for sale in paperback only for the next two weeks, at CreateSpace and on Amazon. Before you click one of the links, though, here’s how this works:

CreateSpace pays the author in money.

Amazon mostly pays the author in fame (book rank).

If you buy from CreateSpace, the author gets roughly 45% of the list price on this book. If you buy from Amazon, he gets about 25% of the list price, but the book rises in the rankings on the site, which can give the book (and subsequent books) marketing clout. It’s your choice: I’m just grateful you’re willing to buy it at all.

You will enjoy it, though, I predict. And if you have kids, it’s a wonderful read-aloud.

One thing: if you DO like it, the very best thing you can do, no matter where you got it, is to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads (or, pretty please, both) so that others will be tempted to buy as well. That means a great deal to the author–to any author.

CreateSpace link:

Amazon link:

Thank you again. And for those that can’t wait for the book to get to them, three of the stories are below, albeit without illustrations.

Three Boodles

How Doughnuts Got Their Name

All the Marbles

And eleven more, because although it’s Twelve Upon a Time, turns out math isn’t my thing.


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