Crowdfunding Books: Part Six – Pentian

This is the sixth in a long series of posts outlining crowdfunding methods and ways to get a book published other than the traditional route. The overview is here, Kickstarter/Indiegogo is here, Patreon is here, Pubslush is here, and Inkshares is here.

pentian logoPentian is a platform that has had a lot of success in Spain and parts of Europe, but is very new in the states. I have to warn you right now: it shows. They claim that they have published dozens of books in Spanish through the platform. The US launch of the site was June of 2014, so they’re one of the newest players in this space. They had 200 live book projects in the first two months of action, so there may be a market for this idea.

Pentian, like Unbound (that we’ll see next), is book only, and the staff at Pentian vet the books that are proposed. Pentian, though, adds an innovation that none of these other platforms have: the backers can reap the rewards of hitting a winner. It’s a subscription publishing model that hasn’t been seen since the 19th century, where the buyers of the books are the backers of the book, and they can participate in the financial rewards if the book does well.


  • You sign up as a book author. As always, it’s free.
  • You fill out the website form for your book, including the title, the genre, and uploading at least 30 pages of the book as a word file (see below).
  • The professionals at Pentian read the book and assess its publishability. If they like it, your project goes live.
  • You sell subscriptions to your backers. There is editing and marketing support from Pentian. I have my doubts about its effectiveness on this side of the pond.
  • You get 40% of the proceeds, the backers split 50%, and Pentian gets 10%.

Downside: I’m going to reproduce here the email I got from Pentian, unexpurgated and in its entirety.


We couldn’t check your book.

We need the hole book in a WORD file. In case you don’t have it finished or you don’t want to send it complete, we need you to tell us the exact number of pages your book is going to have, and at least 30 written pages of it so our team can value it.

We would be pleased if you rely on Pentian to publish your book.

We are sure your book can collect enough money to be published, helped by a crowdfunding campaing in our website.

Kind Regards.


Julio AC.

That, right there, sums up my fears about the current incarnation of this platform.


  • Get a book up on the site so it can be there as they work out the bugs.
  • Be patient. This is a beta. You’re not going to make money for a bit.

Next time: Unbound.

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