Editing sucks

Actually, editing doesn’t really suck.  It’s fine.  Part of me even enjoys it.  But I don’t want to be editing; I want to be writing.  This book is sticking in my craw a little bit.

I’ve spent the last couple weeks editing Even Your Mother Won’t Call You Back in several formats.  I’ve edited it and even mock-published it to the iPad with the Apple iBook Author software, a program so new that there aren’t even the usual “how do I fix this” threads out there on the net.  I edited it in Word, in two formats, one with graphics for the final hard copy, and one with no graphics for the Kindle and other text-only ebooks.  Now I’m editing it in galley hard copy just to make sure (and there are the inevitable typos still, after all this).

Hours and hours of editing.  In the car.  At the grocery store.  While keeping score at a basketball game.  Everywhere.  Until this gets done and out the door, I just can’t concentrate on any of the new things I’m supposed to be writing.  That’s the part that sucks.  The last 10% of the work on the book, and not working on anything new until that’s done.

It will be great.  I know it.  I just need a little bit more push…

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