At Last.

I’ve been blogging for about ten years now, which makes me one of the longest-lasting, most-prolific bloggers on the Net.  So you see one post here, and that makes you think I’m likely making that up.

Except I’m not.  I really do have that much blogography, and if you search for it, you’ll find it.  As things have changed in my life over the years, I yearned for my online presence to change with it.  Then a couple years back, Congress decided that I was responsible for the collapse of the world economy, and the regulatory backlash started demanding that I separate my work writing from my personal writing.

Then my literary career raised its head and demanded some time.  THere really wasn’t any way to fit books and the persona that those require into the same sphere as the mortgage agent-ness I was using for money.  For a long time I limped along pretending both lives could peacefully coexist in the same online space.  But really, they can’t, and I knew they couldn’t, in my heart.

Once it became obvious that I had to split into two pieces, and write in two spaces, I had a complete lockup.  I’m fairly techie; I love gadgets and have a lot of the latest technology, but I haven’t had the confidence to build a website for many years.  I couldn’t – really couldn’t – continue to blog personal and literary stuff in the space, but I didn’t have any way to blog anywhere else that mattered, anywhere else that I wasn’t going to have to abandon at some point.  So I just stopped blogging.

That completely did not work.

I know I’m a writer because I have to write.  I have to.  It’s not like breathing, quite, or eating, but it’s a lot like sleep; I can skip it for a while, but the longer I go without it the crankier I get and the harder it is to be around me.  I therefore got pretty hard to live with for a couple months this summer.  Jill, my Exec, channeled that energy into writing a book, which turned into two books, and still I wasn’t all the way back.

You can put things in a blog post that you can’t put in a book, or even an article.  I wanted to write about typing, and re-teaching myself to do it after 30 years of doing it wrong.  It’s hard.  I needed to tell someone, even if it’s just the dozen people that follow me when I change blog addresses.

And now, I CAN.  I’m BACK!  God bless WordPress.  I did the entire site myself, and if the result is not going to win any awards, at least it’s MINE and I can blog again and post updates on how the book thing is going and pictures of my kids and poetry and short stories and all of it.  It’s like finally being able to get comfortable and going back to sleep after such a long time unable.  It’s a new home, one that I hope will last.

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