I’m a Believer

This is not a religious post, in the sense that it advocates for a particular sect.  It is, however, a statement of belief, and as such has a faith-based tilt to it.  Fair warning.

I am a believer.

I believe in a God that knows and loves every one of His children, that has plans I can neither fathom nor seriously obstruct, a God that is bigger and better than I am.  I believe in His son, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, the King of Heaven and the Redeemer of Mankind.  And I believe in the Holy Ghost, who speaks to me as often as I’m paying attention.

I believe in families.  I believe in my Lehi family, in my beautiful wife and spectacular children, all ten of us plus two cats and seven chickens.  I believe in my once-immediate-now-extended family, all nine of us plus ten in-laws, and thirty-some children.  I believe in my sainted parents and parents-in-law.  I believe that families are the most wonderful thing that exists in the world, the thing that most of us turn to in joy and trouble, because that’s the place we learned the most about everything that matters.

I believe in children, in the power of play and fun and constant wonder.  I believe in the noble sacrifice of the bearing and rearing of children, and that that sacrifice brings forth the most tangible blessings of any possible earthly act.

I believe in love, the love of a mother for her child, of a father for his sons and daughters, of two people that, impossibly, found each other out of all the chaos in the universe, and made, together, something so precious and great that God ordained it and went to some trouble to preserve it for all eternity.  I believe in the love of a friend, and even in the love of strangers, because I have felt both and they have changed me for the better.

I believe in words and the power of the right words to change the world.

I believe in magic, though I believe it is routinely called “work” by those that know the secrets of it.

I believe in Santa Claus, wholeheartedly and without apology.

I believe that things are getting better.  I believe that our best days, as a species, are still in front of us.  I believe that today is brighter than yesterday, and tomorrow brighter still.

I believe in you.  I believe that you are meant to reflect the light of your Creator, and that within you is the spark of something divine.  I believe that you know this, even if for a moment you have forgotten.  I believe that if we could spend time together, you and I would both be able to see that more clearly.  I believe that one day, such time will be granted to us, and I believe that I look forward with great anticipation to that day.

And that means that I believe in me, too, doesn’t it?  It means that I believe that I really can write these books.  It means I believe I can lose another ten pounds.  It means I believe I can improve my business until it is a thing of power and assistance to everyone that comes into it, and to those that work there.  It means that I can get this new thing, this Idea that I’ve been in the grip of for two years, up and running.  It means that I can reach my most secret wish, that I become a person that, when he goes anywhere, makes that place just a little better, a little kinder, a little more joyful.

I’m a believer.  I believe.  In God, in you.  And even in me.

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  1. The Great and Powerful Oz says:

    Each day that I get to work with you makes me a better person. Thank you for that privilege.

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