It Ain’t Bragging If You Done It.

And I’ve done it.

BraggingThree straight NaNoWriMos. That’s right, people. 150,000 words since Halloween. At least 500 words every day. Every day between 500 and 2700 words, averaging a cool 1650. That doesn’t sound like a lot when I write it that way, but dog, on Saturday night at 11pm, with nothing on the page, it sounds like War and Peace.

Today’s win is especially delicious because it happens to coincide with the completion of a project two years in the making, the finishing of novel #5, the (very necessary) prequel to a novel I’d finished two years ago (The Repairers). This one is called It Would Take a Miracle, about a young man more naughty than nice, by the name of Niccolo Davos Archos Kanikedes, known everywhere and to everyone as Nik. Having had a…mishap…in getting his collegiate degree in Mesoamerican Studies, a topic even he acknowledges he pursued more for the grad assistant (a tall blonde named Hillary) than for the academic understanding, he finds himself at loose ends, no job, no prospects, and hits upon an idea that suits his peculiar skills. Accordingly, he starts the InterNational Institute for the Study of Miracle (INISM), a foundation organized to find conclusive scientific proof that God is really doing miracles, yes, even in the 21st Century.

No, really. It is. It says so right on the very polished and expensive letterhead. There are donors and everything. No, since you ask, Nik has no scientific credentials. But hey, he’s a smart kid.

What could possibly go wrong?

It will need substantial editing, but I like many of the words. Some of it will prove to be salvageable, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, on to the next three straight NaNos, and the completion of The Knights of Insanity, a project I started 18 months ago, and that’s probably a third done. If I pull it off, it will get finished in February. I’m also finishing the first-pass edit of Stolen Away, now that I’ve figured out the sidereal motion and apparent traverse of Nameless Moon, the closer of the two moons to the planet. Marinating and waiting for edits are The Vortigern Jack, a cyberpunk novel (finished for NaNo this year), It Would Take a Miracle (above) and The Repairers (sequel to the foregoing).

I’m also a couple of short stories away from being ready to edit and publish a collection called Faith, where all the stories have something to do with religious faith, even if it isn’t how we usually think of it in the 21st century. Sometime the middle of the year I should also have enough content to finish off another collection called Work, where all the stories have to do with jobs people do, some of them decidedly not the kind that one goes to school for.

If you read that above and are tempted to feel jealous, remember that I’m 46. It took me forty-five years to get to the point where I had enough discipline and tenacity and commitment to be able to write like this. You’ve almost certainly got a head start, and if you don’t, you surely have the weapons to go after whatever thing has nagged you to get done.

Hey – if you tell me what it is, I’ll bug you to do it. That will be helpful, I’m sure.

It’s a good day.

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