Keeping the Peace

NOT a post about policemen and women.

This morning on Facebook I saw so many of my friends and family in pain, with loved-ones suffering, even dying. My life is…good. Really, ridiculously good. I have happiness wide and deep, and a settled peace in my soul that’s beyond anything I could have imagined in earlier days. I like helping people, too, and though I couldn’t see anything I could do to help these people – what do you do for a woman in a coma, besides be still and know that He is God? – I thought I could send something out there into the aether, and maybe that would help them feel less alone.

So I promised my Facebook list – all of it – that they could borrow my happiness and lean on my peace all they wanted today to take all they needed and that I would get more. I really have no idea if it will help them.

Funny thing is, though, it helped me.

I’m not losing my cool today. I’m not getting distracted. I’m staying in the center of peace and happiness, because I promised I would. If I’m offering others my peace, I better have some, hadn’t I? I find myself concentrating on my peace, on serenity and calm, because others need it so badly, and even if I have no idea how the celestial harmonics work when it comes to stuff like this – really, I’m just a bear of very little brain – I’m not risking it. I’m not a half-giver, where I say I’m going to give something and then don’t, because I don’t have it. And then my life is better because of my trying to give. Thus, He doth immediately bless me. How I need to remember this later, when the winds come and the rains fall.

Meanwhile, I have that peace right here, if you want some. It’s free.

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