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I’m at LDStorymakers today, as I have been for three days now. I’ll have a longer post on this later, when I have more time to write about it, but I can’t even…people. Oh, my. PEOPLE.

Ever walk into a room and say, “Holy wow, this is a room full of my very own tribe!” That’s what LDStorymakers does for me. There are a couple thousand people here that are at least a great deal like me, and some of them so much like me that it feels like talking to slimmer, more interesting versions of myself.

My head is exploding with ideas and story possibilities. Those are going to show up here on my Patreon page, and fairly quickly. I just finished a story during David Farland’s class that you’re going to hate. As in HATE.

But a couple things that I need to say right now. One, I came to this conference a couple years ago and felt so much that I wanted to be one of these people, but was mostly just pretending. I stopped writing for a year. This time, I AM one of these people. I’m good enough to be here. I’m doing the work. I belong. Better – much more better – my stories belong.

Two, I spent two days before I came here at a mortgage conference. The experience is so completely different for me it’s hard to describe it. I couldn’t wait to get out of that one. I can’t stand that this one will come to an end.

The thing I am meant to do is this thing (and teaching is a part of this thing, indissoluble and almost indistinguishable).

One year. It will take one more year. But I’m going to make it.

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