Several milestones to talk about.  This has been a big week.

Last week, I had an epiphany that led to the creation of a book plan for the nonfiction books.  It was triggered by the comment my son made to me that I blogged about in Encouragement’s Awesome Power.  It made so much sense to me to look for the invisible rewards that were available for free, everywhere, in every activity I was engaged in.

Over the weekend, as I considered that epiphany and the consequences of it.  I know I have a living to make, a business to run, and a lot of obligations that come with those things.  And yet that’s not what I’m here for.  I’m not here to run a business, except as that business is part of what I’m supposed to be doing, that makes me what I’m supposed to be.  The success of that business is not my job.  To a large extent, I haven’t any control over it.  All I can do is the work.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past while not really being able to access what I actually want, because I thought of that as being mostly irrelevant.  There were things I had to do.  I had to make a living.  Period.  That meant that I couldn’t just do whatever I wanted, so what I wanted didn’t matter.

Well, it does.  It does matter.  And I have a certain obligation to pay attention to what I want as an indicator of what I should be doing.

I want to write.  I do.  It’s not just something I can do, it’s something I MUST do, so I am going to do it. It occurred to me that I had a book arc for my nonfiction series Knights of Insanity, and I might as well have one for the nonfiction series too, since there is a logical progression of those ideas, too.

So Even Your Mother is out – now also available in paperback – and the next book is How Not to Suck, which is 90% written and just has to be second-edited.  Then there’s Oiling the Machine, which is 30% written, and the fourth book becomes Seeing the Invisible Man.  The last one is Far Green Country, but that one might be a standalone.  Regardless, there is a draw to putting this kind of arc together, as the project takes on momentum of its own.  It’s exciting to move from one to the other.

I don’t know if there’s anything that will happen from all this.  I might not sell more than a few books here and there.  But I will be writing them.  I will.  This is actually going to happen.

And I published Even Your Mother in paperback.  A real book.  I’ll have more on that milestone, and what I learned from it, later.

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  1. Melanee says:

    I’m glad you’re writing.

    I did this silly experiment one summer day of seeing what would happen if I did what I wanted to do instead of what I thought I should do. I thought I should get dressed, and I thought I should make the kids breakfast, but I didn’t want to do either of those things so I didn’t. I just sat in my living room chair in my pajamas and noticed what I wanted to do.

    Strange thing, I wanted to go on my back patio and lay out in the sun on the pavement with my secret bikini on. For the record, I don’t do things like this normally. I was probably in college the last time I officially sunbathed. I also wanted to listen to opera, so I took my boombox and laid directly on the pavement and had this amazing experience with the music and the sun.

    Then I went back into the living room again and sat on the chair. Meanwhile, the kids are running around finding spare crumbs in the kitchen, but too bad for them, I still didn’t feel like making breakfast. I asked myself again what I wanted to do next. I wanted to sunbathe again. I didn’t have enough of it, so I did it again and for longer. It was incredible, and I still remember how I felt and the powerful visualization I had.

    Back to the chair again, in my secret bikini. Now what? Hmm. I think I actually feel like making breakfast. Yes, I do. I want to make breakfast. Do I feel like making it just for myself, or for the kids too? Yeah, I want to make it for the kids too.

    After breakfast, back to the chair. Now what? Shocking. This can’t be true. I really want to do laundry? Yes. I want to do laundry, my second to least favorite household chore next to ironing. I throw in a load and sort some more and feel my energy rising.

    Basically, I only did what I wanted to do that day and I noticed several things. First, I noticed that it didn’t take long at all until I wanted to do the things I typically consider the responsible things. I actually was far more “responsible” and productive that day. Second, I gained a huge surge of physical energy. I decided we use a LOT of emotional and physical energy when we take a victim view of our life, even in something as simple as sweeping the floor. When I told myself that I could do nothing unless I wanted to do it, I waited until I owned my choice and then my energy to do it was light, happy, and easy. And I accomplished a lot. The kids survived too.

    I hesitate with this idea because there is so much of the “do what you love and the money will follow,” and “follow your bliss,” and dream your dreams, so forth, out there. Those ideas bug me and trouble me, and I haven’t come a complete resolution with it all. I’m playing around with it though, and heck, it’s been awhile and tomorrow is another sunny summer day. Maybe I’ll play again and see what happens.

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