Professional! I’m a Pro!

I think I’m using the term correctly. I mean, I write, and write for money, and I do it often and now I do it on a predictable, measurable basis.

Even if not, right away, a very lucrative one.

Today I went pro using Patreon, a very interesting attempt to bring back the patron model of creative work. Once, and for a very long time, creative types were supported by patrons, people that paid them for their work (and got to demand that they did work). The best example you can see in modern cinema is the film Amadeus, where the court of Joseph II of Austria-Hungary had more than one composer, among them the exceptionally talented Wolfgang Mozart. Joseph paid him to compose for the court. It was a jewel in his crown, something he could show off to others.patreon-logo

Now you, too, can show off your court, by becoming a patron of creative types trying to make a living in the cruel, benighted world.

I write, and I write quite a bit. I’ve written five full novels (and almost, almost a sixth) and about thirty-five short stories, among hundreds of essays and blog posts and what have you. It takes ridiculous amounts of precious time to do it. I would – I have – done it for free, but I don’t really want to. I want to do it for money, because I believe that what I write is worth money.

Perhaps I am wrong. If I am, I’m about to find out.

Won’t you consider going to my Patreon page and at least seeing if what there is there is worth something to you? As little as $1 a month makes a very large difference to a bunch of decent people. One of them being me.


Update: As of ten minutes post-launch, I hit my first fundraising goal. I’m grateful to my sisters. I’m pretty confident it was them.

Being that this is just a gathering of us, I’m going to lay out a couple of odd hopes I have for this.

One, I hope to hit my third milestone (Route 66) in less than a month.

Two, in the first two weeks, I hope to have one person back my work whom I do not know.

Three, in the first six months, I hope to have 50 patrons.

We shall see.

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