Short Stories

Most of my published work is available here on Amazon, for the Kindle.

My un-released shorts are available on Patreon. Oh, you don’t know about Patreon?

You should. Then you can help me do more of this, and I can give you fancy rewards when you do. It’s a win for us all.

Three of my stories are contest/anthology winners: Another Kind of Thirst (Solstice Shadows), Deep Within the Corners of My Mind (Incandescent Phoenix), and Three Boodles (Eagle Mountain Arts).

Some samples:

Fairy Tales

A long time ago I had a creative writing class with Daryl Spencer at BYU.  It wasn’t a good class, but he was a good man and a writer with an ear for voice, and I learned some important things from him.  In that class, tired of being given grades of “meh” on everything, I wrote a story called Tryout, which holds up really well considering I wrote it twenty years ago.  It is the first story I wrote that had any serious promise.  Daryl liked it.

My favorite short story of mine is this one, called Miss Mabel Regrets, which I wrote as an assignment for a class I was teaching at the time.  This assignment called on the student to write a story that contained a recipe, such that someone that read the story could recreate the recipe and make the item, whatever it was.  This is the second of two stories I wrote.

And this is the first.  Although it was pretty obvious to me once I finished it that it isn’t a short story.  It’s a chapter of a novel.  What novel, I don’t know.  Once you’ve read the story, you’ll know everything I do about the characters and the plot.  One day, though, I’m coming back here.  There are secrets I have to know.

My most recent story is The Polka-Dot Door, which is a children’s book, and needs an illustrator.  It also needs editing.  Once it gets some, I’ll post it.

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