Chris spoke at the LDS Publishing Professionals Association conference on Friday, August 21, at the Provo Library, at 1:00. The topic was crowdfunding of books, for which there is a long series that starts right here.

Chris has spoken to groups across the country, and as far away as Budapest, Hungary (Chris speaks Hungarian).  He specializes in two kinds of engagement:

  • youth education, especially (but not exclusively) homeschooling and Thomas Jefferson education conferences, seminars, and firesides
  • history, including and especially ancient Greek and Roman history

He can speak on anything, within reason, and he will, if you give him a chance.

To book Chris to speak, and really, you won’t regret it, call 801-850-3781 or email chris@iamchrisjones.com.

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  1. Andrea Muñoz says:

    Hello! My name is Andrea Munoz. Earlier today, I got a ride from a woman named Jill who told me to contact you.
    I’m a highschool student aspiring to be an author and she thought you might be able to help me better myself to reach my dream. (:
    Thank you for reading this!

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