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I teach. I mentor. It’s what I do while I do all this other stuff. It’s compulsive and I can’t help it. This winter/spring, 2016, I’m teaching five local classes: two history classes, current events, Mr. C’s Most Dangerous Class, and mock trial.

At George Mueller Academy, I teach US History on Monday and Tuesday, current events on Thursday, and Mr. C’s Most Dangerous Class on Wednesday, all at 9am.

At Lumen Scholar Institute, I teach mock trial from 2-4pm on Wednesdays.

I also substitute regularly at Liahona Preparatory Academy, teaching history, and Paradigm High School, teaching everything from art to math.

I am also constructing a class on logic for Navanas, available through My Tech High.

Email me at mentormrc@gmail.com for details.

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  1. Christina McDowell says:

    Mr. C,
    My son, Landon McDowell, loved your history class at Lumen last year. In fact, he is seriously talking about becoming a high school history teacher. In his almost 15 years of life, he has never had a clue what he wanted to do professionally, and now he lightsbuo talking about history. Thank you!!!

    That said, Landon is not going to be returning to Lumen this year. He was an online only student and it just was too much time online for him. He’s going to do half day at home and half day at the local school, here in Paradise.

    We are wondering if you offer any online classes, in particular history, for those not enrolled at Lumen? I asked if I could pay for an individual course, but they said no. Boo.

    Thanks for being a great teacher!


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