TEDx Bountiful – And a Good Time Was Had.

I got to cross off a major life goal on Wednesday when I got to go to the TEDx event in Bountiful, UT.  I’ve been watching the TED talks forever, just like you have, and the idea of being there in person was too great to pass up.

And it was interesting.  Not what I thought it would be in some ways, and in others, exactly what I hoped.  Mandy Allfrey from The Buzz did a terrific job as MC and organizer.

The theme of the event was “Not Living Life Small”, which is bad neuro-linguistic programming, but a decent idea for a theme.  Utah is abundantly blessed with people that know how to go about living lives of power and meaning, and those people were on display in spades. Heck, there was a room full of them.  Most of the people in the crowd could have gotten up and spoken just as meaningfully about the things they are engaged in.  In that way, it could hardly have been better.

Three people really leaped off the stage, and when their recordings are posted to TED, you should go there and find them.

Tiffany Peterson @thehopegiver was in the first wave, and I believe was a personal friend of practically everyone there.  She talked about her cancer, and her overcoming, and said two of the best things we heard all day:

The Maker will never put a dream in your head that He cannot put in your hand.


In every adversity is the seed of an equal or greater opportunity.

A bit later we heard from a personal friend of mine, Leta Greene, @glamourconnection, who just about blew the building away with her energy.  I know something of her story, and she told us more, things like the death of her daughter, that put her on the path to “her inner hotness”, as she put it.  She’s an inspiration, and she showed something of why.  And she had the quote of the day:

I say to my husband, “how do you handle having such a hot wife?”

People, nothing bad comes from that.

Near the end, we heard from Kevin Hall, who had a great experience to relate about meeting with the family of one of my heroes, Viktor Frankl.  He brought with him the Book of the Greats, received from a friend in Vienna, that he had all of us sign.  He also taught us a word, Genshei, that means “I will never again treat anyone in a way that makes him feel small.”  His book, Aspire, is currently on my shelf in the queue.

The last two speeches I mentioned, especially, have altered my behavior patterns already.  I got into a place on Thursday that was intimidating me, and I remembered Leta and worked my way out of it.  Then this morning, playing basketball with a kid that was killing my team by missing everything in sight, I remembered Genshei and did not react to make him feel small.  They’re small things, but they made my life better.  If that’s not the purpose of TED, what is?

I was hoping for some more of the technology stuff that so intrigues me, but I wasn’t disappointed with what I got instead.  I’ll be back next year – care to join me?

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    Well said!

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