There’s Something Happening Here…

What it is ain’t exactly clear.

But I have some updates to the Top of the World post of a couple weeks ago. It appears I have acquired some new disciplinary muscles. I can make myself do things I couldn’t, once upon a time. That has resulted in some mighty interesting stuff going on here.

Ideas have never been a problem. Execution is my problem. I’m a grasshopper, not an ant, so planning so much as a five-year-old’s birthday party is really hard work for me. Still, apparently it’s a skill that can be acquired. So here’s what I’ve been doing with the muscles I’ve developed:

  • This last quarter, I’ve written seven short works. Three of them are short stories, two are novelettes, and two are novellas.
  • Last Monday, I had an idea for a different way of distributing my work, one that might pay, and that might take advantage of some of the new technology that has often been blamed for killing literature. What if I could use it to make more? So in five days, I wrote two short stories, built a Facebook page, put up a web form and took fifteen beta subscriptions, all of which have tested out successfully. Monday we go live with the beta. If you want in, incidentally, hit me with a comment.
  • This is probably not going anywhere, but Lehi needs a pizza joint, a real, sit-down pizza place for hanging out after the game. The Wingers’ just 100 yards from my office is for sale. It would take about $1,000,000 to buy the place and get it open, but if we could do it, the L Yeah Pizza place would blow up the central district. I’ve never run a restaurant, but if I can find a backer, I flat guarantee that what we’d do with this place would make solid money and be a Lehi landmark inside of six months. Absolutely guarantee it. I know this town and this school and this area. It deserves a place like this would be. Anyhow, I don’t have a million, but I’m trying to find it, building spreadsheets and penciling out ideas. Because, you know, why not?
  • I’m negotiating to essentially triple my teaching load in the fall, working with two different educational establishments to put together a class schedule. There will be online and on-site classes, and video recordings, and a host of things.
  • The mortgage business is perking along. Not as well as it could, but as well as I want it to. It’s a full-time job, never mind all of the above.
  • And we’re moving the office. Just shifting within the same building, but we are relocating to make room for American Promotions, which is taking a chunk of the space. It’s a very good thing. Theron Harmon, esteemed proprietor, is a genius and one of my true friends. Good things will come of this.

I couldn’t have handled this even six months ago. Now, it’s surely possible that nothing of great import will come from any of the above. I have no idea. But that actually doesn’t matter much to me, oddly. Yes, I’m going to throw all I have at these things, because they’re a wheelbarrow full of fun, but I can only do what I can do, and sometimes it isn’t enough.

But I have learned how to move my feet and not just my jaws. These things may produce nothing but flaming-haired enjoyment for me and my partners in crime, financially, but they will all produce opportunity for me to learn and to grow, and that’s all any of it has to do anyway. It’s worth doing if that’s all there is.

I have a hunch, though, that one of these things, maybe more than one, is going to be a big deal.

I’ll keep you posted.

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