Waaaaaaaait a Second, I KNOW This Movie…

The book is done.  Well, it’s almost done, again. If I didn’t feel a pressing need to address the volcanic rise of Pinterest and the huge potential of a thing called Tagwhat, I would be ready to hit print and be done with the thing.

But, of course, it’s not just the writing.  There’s a website that has to be created.  There are blog posts to be taken care of, and comments to answer, and distribution channels to arrange and learn about (the learning curve on some of which is far from gentle), and as I think about all this stuff it occurs to me that I know this process.  I know it well.  It’s the same one you use to start a company.

Here I thought this book was just a product, a widget that gets marketed by the big Consolidated Widgets company I run.  Ha.  Anyway, turns out no, that’s wrong.  Not only is this a different product than any I’ve marketed before (except my articles, but that’s not really been a company; it’s been more like a part-time job at someone else’s place), it’s got to be marketed differently from the other things I do.  I’m creating a whole new company here.

I thought I was writing a book.  I’m not.

I’m entrepreneurial-ing again.  I thought this seemed familiar.

But, did I mention the book is done?

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  1. And you ask why I don’t write anymore. I’ve never been entrepreneurial.

    But look at you, you wrote a book!

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