Who is Chris?

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Email chris@iamchrisjones.com

Twitter handle 1 (shorts and children’s fiction) @cjlehi

Twitter handle 2 (Sci-fi and Fantasy) @cjcardamon

Twitter handle 3 (education) @mentormrc

Here’s the most important thing about me:


But in case you wanted more:


I am a working writer and a teacher. I am the Director of Development at the Libertas Institute. I also run a branch of a mortgage company. And sing opera. It’s just about as cool as it sounds. It’s also much harder work than it sounded like when I started on it.

For even more:


I post updates on my progress on various things here.

  • Nonfiction:

Mastering the Six Channels of Marketing (also published as Even Your Mother Won’t Call You Back) was published in April 2013, and you can get it on Amazon (link is here), both softback and Kindle.  If you’ve ever wondered whether you should have your business on Facebook, or why you can’t get people to call you back, this is your book.  Everything in communications, demystified and laid out so you can choose your method and get yourself heard.

Talking So People Can Hear, the sequel to Six Channels, takes things a step further, looking at how to create great copy and how to design a business that leaves you a life.  You only want to buy this one if you already own the first one, because

Producing on Purpose will come out mid-July, and it is a re-edit of both of the above, combined into a single volume.

There will be two more books in the series, Seeing the Invisible Man, and Far Green Country, but those are on hold while I attend to other projects.

I write extensively on the publishing process, especially alternative methods to get your works in print, including Patreon, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Pentian, Inkshares and the soon-to-be-defunct Pubslush.

  • Fiction:


Break Point (no one will ever see this who has not already)

It Would Take a Miracle

The Repairers (sequel to Miracle)

Stolen (YA fantasy – on submission)

The Vortigern Jack (Cyberpunk – on submission)

Knights of Insanity (MG contemporary fantasy – on submission)

Cheating Death (Adult speculative thriller – #pitchwars contestant): Meet Sara Elizabeth Twopenny Rogers, the world’s most reluctant serial killer. When Death gives her an assignment, the smart thing to do is complete it. Otherwise, she’s in line to be “completed” herself. Permanently.

The Polka-Dot Door (Picture book)

The Temple of Sand and Steel (post-apocalyptic thriller)

The Short Death of Dakota Pemberton (Cheating Death series, 40% complete)

Don’t Call Me Josephine (LDS romance – 30% complete)

And then, oh, and then.  We shall see.  There are so many other ideas, some that I’ve written about, some that I haven’t.  Will we go to the Oregon winery and find out about Cole and Jan (and Jan’s mother)?  Maybe we’ll duck back through the Polka Dot Door, or perhaps we will (I’m afraid we might) investigate book one of the four-book Angels Among Us tetralogy, and get a front-row seat to the run-up to Armageddon in The Day I Saw Everything Dance.  Only Poppins would know, as George Banks would say.

Short Stories:

Published or sold-and-soon-to-be, and Contest Winners:

Three Boodles – MG contemporary fantasy, Eagle Mountain Arts Overall Fiction Winner

Deep Within the Corners of My Mind – Solarpunk, part of the Wings of Renewal anthology from Incandescent Phoenix Publishing (Here it is!)

Another Kind of Thirst – YA post-apocalyptic, Silver Medal Winner with Solstice Shadows Publishing (Fall 2015)

The Lonely Wizard

All the Marbles

Paper Boats

Nine other stories are contestants in various places, including Chicken Little, Requiem, How the Silence Echoes So, Lucky Charms, Redundant, and Drums and Death. There are ~20 others looking for homes, which will either be submitted or will end up as part of collections, slated to be published this year. If I get around to it.


And the Kitchen Sink, a Compendium of Two Decades of Writing

Twelve Upon a Time

More of my writing, including audio of unpublished and published works, is here.


The best way to tell you about the teaching is to point you to my superhero website, aliasmrc.com, which has all the details. I teach history and politics and government to junior-high and high-school-age kids, locally here in Utah and by remote in Arizona, Hawaii, Washington, and Idaho (more states possible, make me an offer).


I’m on stage periodically, but my big role is as Matthew Cuthbert in the brilliant webseries Green Gables Fables, now in season two of production, in which, sadly, I do not appear, because that’s what happens to poor Matthew.

What I get paid for in this arena is opera. I sing tenor with Vocal Dimension of Arts Incorporated. I also direct melodramas for Draper Historic Theater, once in a very great while.

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  1. Very cool! I love your pic, and I love that you think family is what really matters.

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