Writing Update

Not sure anyone follows this space for actual what-is-Chris-writing information, but just in case, here you go:

I’m entered in Brenda Drake’s #pitchwars contest. I have chosen five mentors to pitch to, and I’ve heard from one (she’s going to pass on my manuscript, but in the nicest possible way). I don’t really expect to hear from anyone else before the round ends, on September 2. Even if I do, I won’t talk about it.

I’m also entered in six of the League of Utah Writers‘ contests. I find out about those shortly. I won the Eagle Mountain Arts overall prize, I had a story bought by Solstice Shadows for their anthology, and another one by Incandescent Phoenix for theirs. Both are slated for publication this fall.

I entered two stories in contests last week, and there will be five more before the end of the month, including one I have to purpose-write for the contest.

And then there’s this: sometime early tomorrow, I’ll write seven more words on one of the in-progress manuscripts, and at that point I will have written 500,000 words since Halloween last year.

For the word-count-impaired, Harry Potter V (Order of the Phoenix) is 257,000 words. That means that, more or less, I’ve written that 1000-page book TWICE in the last 10 months.

Not included in this total: 34 blog posts, a couple dozen essays, educational aids, and other assorted writing projects. This is just new words of fiction.

By fall, I’ll have published 14,895 of those words, or roughly 3% of them. But hey, you have to write them before you can publish them.

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  1. Tiana Smith says:

    Wahoo! Good luck with all the contests!
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